Retro Fonts : the real thing


Retrofonts ... Collection of great fontsOne of my serious on-going complaints in the graphic arts industry is the use of the term “retro” — fewer and fewer designers actually know what it means. We’re seeing literally hundreds of tutorials titled retro-this or retro-that. So, listen up young designers: here’s the quintessential reference on the use of ‘retro’ fonts. In fact, it’s called RETROFONTS!

Graphic design icon Steven Heller writes in his New York Times column :

 A graphic designer can’t have too many books of typography. These specimen books nourish and replenish, inform and delight. I own more than 100 type catalogs and manuals dating to the late 19th century, and I know other designers (or design lovers) who have compiled even larger and rarer stashes. This holiday season, it’s a safe bet that type books will be welcome gifts for font-aholics everywhere.

Retrofonts is a huge, hardbound, collectable tome of font samples from the middle of the nineteenth century and the end of the twentieth century. Every single page is a visual treat of font sets or splendid art samples of the actual fonts in use.

samples from the RETROFONT book

Arranged chronologically, every section provides a historical, political and cultural context for the eras during which these fonts were created. Presented in the style of old type specimen books, the fonts are showcased in conjunction with visual examples of how they were used in an array of design applications.

Author Gregor Stawinski covers every base. Represented is Art Nouveau, Japonism, Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Constructivism. The timeline walks from 1830 through 1990, from organic to calligraphic, to Swiss, pop, disco, postmodern and punk. With many, you’ll see the way they were use in time appropriate color and layout.

As Stawinski notes,

 Typographical time travel succeeds when, as in this book, the most popular typographical trends of different periods in high, low and mass culture are brought together in a vivid presentation. Only then will a review of the exciting history of typography in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries provide thrilling discoveries, forge informative connections or simply entertain.

Art samples from the Retrofonts bookNow, if that weren’t enough, wait ’til you see the enclosed CD! This disc brings you 222 copyright-free fonts so you can put all that fresh inspiration to work. Use these fonts in any way you choose, making this book an invaluable tool for anyone interested in graphic design and typography — required for graphic designers, design studios, sign shops and even in-house marketing and merchandising departments.

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