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Knowing where to find fonts for your graphic design projects can make your job much easier. When you find the perfect font that meets your needs it can help you achieve that ideal finished product for both you and your client. Check out this list of font websites with both free and paid fonts for download.
The right holiday font can complete your holiday or New Year’s card. A holiday greeting is also a good opportunity to use some of the more fun or unusual typefaces that you may have avoided for client projects. These websites have holiday and New Year’s-themed fonts for download. Be sure to review the usage instructions for any font before using it.

Jos Buivenga’s exljbris Font Foundry

Jos Buivenga’s exljbris Font Foundry offers a great, varied collection of font downloads, from the hugely popular Museo font to Anivers, originally created for Smashing Magazine. While all of the fonts have at least one free style, you’ll often find yourself coming back to purchase the full font family.

Download Free Fonts from Dinc Type

Dinc Type offers a great selection of free fonts for download. While a much smaller selection than other “free font” sites, the Dinc Type fonts are interesting and well-designed, making the site a nice stop when you don’t feel like sorting through thousands of typefaces for something new to work with.

Free Fonts for Download from is a well-designed free font website with over 8,000 freeware fonts for download. UrbanFont’s attractive site makes browsing fonts easier than on some of the other free font sites. Top font keyword searches are highlighted on the home page in a “cloud” format, along with featured free downloads. Fonts can be browsed alphabetically or by categories such as “gothic” and “futuristic.”

Free Fonts for Download from

Dafont is a free font website offering freeware, shareware, demo and public domain typefaces. The most recent new fonts are always presented on the home page, though the easiest way to find a font that suits your needs is to browse one of dafont’s many themes, such as “western” or “sci-fi.” The “top 100” also reveals a nice, varied selection of fonts. Once viewing a category of fonts, the simple yet powerful interface allows you to preview text of your choice in all of the typefaces, with variants (such as bold and italic) if you choose.

Essential Fonts for Graphic Design on Linotype

A list of essential fonts for a graphic designer, including some of the most popular and commonly used typefaces. While many of these fonts come installed with your computer, this list includes links to purchase the full font families on Linotype allows users to view fonts by category, usage, theme, libraries and foundries. gives users access to 150,000 fonts. It has an interesting feature called “Search by Sight” that allows you to identify fonts by their appearance. Users are asked a number of questions that will help them identify what font they are looking for based on the sample they have. “Search by Sight” then gives the users a list of fonts to look at to see if one matches what they searching for. Veer features typefaces prominently in their navigation, alongside photography and illustration. Users can browse fonts for sale by style, collection, or “what’s hot.” Prices vary, but many typefaces are available for $49 to $100. Veer also offers “Flont,” an application that allows you to test their fonts before purchasing.

Fontshop has over 150,000 fonts to choose from. Users can search by categories such as sans, serif, slab, script, display and blackletter. You can also view fonts by bestsellers, staff picks, popular, new, webfonts and mobile fonts.

My Fonts offers a large collection of fonts. Users can view fonts by what’s new, best sellers, webfonts, tags and languages or perform a more detailed search. also has an interesting feature called “WhatTheFont” that allows users to upload an image of the font to find the closest match.

Adobe Fonts offers users access to its collection of 2200 typefaces including exclusive fontscreated for Adobe. These original fonts are created by award-winning type designers and include new fonts as well as remakes of classic typefaces. Users can also view best-selling and featured fonts.
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